The Gift of a Lifetime

Save Yourself, Your Family, Friends and Relatives from the Nightmare of NOT having  Access to Important Papers, Medical Records, Passwords and More

When Worst Comes to Worst…

Will your loved ones be able to locate your important information and papers quickly?

Have you taken time to provide your family with important information they will need to take care of you in case of an emergency?

Get your really important stuff together before “IT” happens.

The Life Facts Book is your comprehensive guide to organizing and making accessible the Personal and Household facts of your life. Make it easy to identify, today, the important information you or your loved one will need tomorrow.

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Don’t Let This Happen to You

“After my dear friend lost her husband she did not know where
to find all of the financial accounts, passwords and business records she needed to process her husband’s estate. The Life Facts Book is designed to inspire people to organize and make accessible the facts of their lives.
She also learned 1st hand the critical need for Personal, Medical, Legal and Financial Facts for everyone.

Have you needed information in times of crisis or emergency? Have you ever wished you had prepared earlier? Can you imagine having all of your vital information identified and in one place ready to reference when you are moving, in a weather crisis, retiring, divorcing or experiencing major illness? Then, this book is for you.”

Rev. David P. Cole
Sumpter, South Carolina

Order Your Copy of Life Facts Book


Life Facts Book: Notebook Version

When you order your notebook version of Life Facts Book, it will help you prepare  for life’s ever-changing events before they happen. Make your life and your family’s life easier and, eliminate the headaches of not being prepared.

Durable 3 Ring Binder with Pockets
Free Access to Downloadable PDF worksheets that are writeable, printable and saveable in your PC.

Price: $59.95  Plus Shipping and  Tax


Life Facts Book: Spiral Bound Version

Do you know what important documents you will need in case of emergency? Have you ever spent hours looking for financial, legal or personal documents? Get organized now! We’ve done the work. Here’s your solution.

Lightweight & Portable
Free Access to Downloadable PDF worksheets that are writeable, printable and saveable in your PC.

Price: $49.95  Plus Shipping and Tax

You’ll Have Peace of Mind with the Life Facts Book

The Book Includes:

Personal Information:

Family Data
Medical Data
Personal Property Inventories
Advisors and Consultants
Keys and Online Access
Managing Finances
Household Service Providers
Routine Maintenance Log


Important Papers:


Final Arrangements:

Advance Directives
Requests and Suggestions