Yesterday I met with two ladies who are on a mission. Mary Greenlee and Lorie Copeland have just put the finishing touches on their Life Facts Book. Mary’s husband, an attorney, passed away within a week of being diagnosed with a fatal condition.  His legal affairs were in order, however, Mary did not know where to find all of the financial accounts, passwords, and business records she needed to process her husband’s estate. That experience gave rise to Mary’s desire to develop an easy-to-follow outline that others could use to avoid the kind of challenges she faced in the unexpected transition time! This notebook is for you if you have needed information in times of crisis or emergency and thought, Why didn’t I prepare earlier so I can easily find the important papers I need?

Can you imagine having all of your vital information identified in one place, ready to reference when moving, being in a weather crisis,  retiring, divorcing, or experiencing major illness? Priceless!  This product is definitely worth the asking price of $40.

Martha Clouse is founder of Organized For Life, a professional organizing company. After moving 11 times as a military wife while raising four children, Martha shares with you what she learned “under fire” about coping with change using time to your advantage, and how to create a calm oasis out of chaos.

To learn more about setting up rooms for maximum utility while retaining a spacious feel, the basic system you need in your home office to guarantee productivity, how to save an hour a day consistently, and to receive access to the free e-booklet “60 Tips to Get Organized NOW!”, read her newsletter.

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