I just want to tell you that I bought one of your wonderful Life Facts Books and am so grateful to have it. You have done an incredible job of putting this valuable book together. It is so thorough and beautifully organized. My husband and I have a lot of this information nicely organized already, but your book will help us pull it all together and fill in lots of missing pieces that should be included. We have known for a long time that we needed to sit down together and go through things like this so that we are both prepared. Your book has given us the impetus and guideline to get going on the project. The time and effort you put into writing the book is such a service to anyone who buys it and such a missed opportunity for those who do not. I think it will, no doubt, take several months to tackle and complete this project, but already I am more motivated to get it done. All in all the project is a great confidence and security builder. Well, I just wanted to thank you and tell you how much this book is helping Bob and me.

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