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A Complete Checklist for your College Bound Child

This checklist was shared by Tom Davison (owner at Summit Financial Strategies, Inc) Transitioning to College Checklist CLICK HERE    to see the complete list.

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College Bound? Get a Power of Attorney for your student!

 It’s back to school time, and if you have college-age children, you may be helping them get organized to leave home.  Being on your own is wonderful and exciting and scary all at the same time.  But it  also brings legal irresponsibility and consequences.  If your child is 18 years old, federal privacy laws protect their financial

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Spring has arrived and summer is on the way.  Many of us are working in and around our homes doing “clean up, paint up, fix up” chores.  Remember     Helpful Hint #2  from the Personal Property section of the  Life Facts Book:       Keep a separate folder for improvements made for each Real Estate Property listing.

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Welcome Spring! The Transition Team hopes you are all enjoying a beautiful new season.  Along with the Spring flowers, we often experience thunder storms and occasionally, tornadoes.  Here are some tips about dangerous weather  from the Center for Disease Control.  BE  PREPARED  Much of this information is available in a completed Life Facts Book. “Writing

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DIPHTHERIA  TETANUS  MEASLES  MUMPS  RUBELLA  HEPATITIS A & B  VARICELLA  PNEUMOCOCCAL DISEASE  INFLUENZA Illness is expensive.  The number of adult deaths from vaccine-preventable diseases is towering—more than 30,000 each year.The real tragedy is that it doesn’t have to happen. For example, every year more than half of

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Credit Card Tip

Use one credit card exclusively for internet transactions or sign up for PayPal to simplify checking for accurate purchases.

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