Welcome Spring! The Transition Team hopes you are all enjoying a beautiful new season.  Along with the Spring flowers, we often experience thunder storms and occasionally, tornadoes.  Here are some tips about dangerous weather  from the Center for Disease Control.  BE  PREPARED  Much of this information is available in a completed Life Facts Book.

“Writing Down Important Information.                                                            Make a list of important information. Include these on your list.

Important telephone numbers such as emergency (police and fire), paramedics and medical centers.

Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of your insurance agents, including policy types and numbers.                                                                                                                  

Telephone numbers of the electric, gas, and water companies.

Names and telephone numbers of neighbors.

Name and telephone number of your landlord or property manager.

Important medical information (for example, allergies, regular medications, and brief medical history).

Year, model, license, and identification numbers of your vehicles (automobiles, boats, and RVs).

Bank’s or credit union’s telephone number, and your account numbers.

Radio and television broadcast stations to tune to for emergency broadcast information.

Storing Important Documents.                                                                             Store the following documents in a fire- and water-proof safe:

Birth certificatesOwnership certificates (autos, boats, etc.)

Social security cards

Insurance policies


Household inventoryList of contents of household; include serial numbers, if applicable

Photographs or videotape of contents of every room

Photographs of items of high values, such as jewelry, paintings, collection items”

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